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130 Years of Communications Experience,
40 Years of Satellite Expertise

+ 40 Years in Satellite and Service for the Customer’s Success

KT SAT (wholly owned by KT Corp., the largest telecom/media service provider in Korea), is the only Satellite Service Provider in Korea. Since the establishment of Kumsan Satellite Center (Teleport) in 1970, KT SAT has been leading the nation’s satellite communication and broadcasting industry through 6 satellite launches (Koreasat-1,-2,-3,-5,-6 and -8) and service operations.

Over 40 years of experience are reflected in world top-class quality of KT SAT’s professionals dedicated to the satellite operation and customers services in the fields of broadcasting, mobile backhaul, end-to-end telecommunication in wherever the customers on the remote ground and ocean. We are proud to have many successful customers and partners through mutual trust and incompatible technical completeness in 24/7.

Koreasat-5A and Koreasat-7 are coming to meet the higher level demand for wider coverage, improved performance and superior customer support. KT SAT is excited to provide better and more differentiated solutions to our growing and increasingly diverse partners across Asia and beyond. To be sure we are ready for this next evolution in our mutual success story, KT SAT is expanding our global presence with Indonesia, Philippines, India, Dubai and more cities in 2017.  

KT SAT promises to keep maintaining the outstanding customer support and creating innovative services for the sustainable growth of valuable customers and business partners all over the world.

KT SAT, Your Success is Our Business

Date of Establishment December 1, 2012
Company Name KT SAT
CEO Won-sic Hahn
Headquarter KT Tower, 422, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu,

Seoul, Korea
Orbits Owned 116E, 113E, 75E
Satellites Owned Koreasat-5