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Leading Global Satellite Operator, KT SAT

Leveraging the abundant experience and expertise of a global operator, KT SAT leads the ongoing effort to strengthen Korea’s competitive edge in the global satellite communications industry.

Our company was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of KT Corp on December 4th, 2012 with the goal of maximizing corporate value by providing customized services to global markets.

The world’s insatiable demand for ubiquitous connectivity and content services is just as true the in developing world as it is in the first world. Emerging markets, such as Southern Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East are increasingly turning to satellite as a means to deliver much needed bandwidth and content. KT SAT is extremely well positioned to meet this growing demand and continues to be optimistic about the outlook for the coming year.

Our goal is to continue our steady evolution into a tier one global satellite enterprise player. Achieving this requires a focus on maintaining our innovative mindset for creating new value-added services and solving widespread problems in the market. Above all, our ability to be agile and react quickly in a rapidly changing market is absolutely crucial.

KT SAT will continue to challenge and innovate as we continue in our endeavor to serve our trusted partners and enable overall growth in a broader market.

Thank you.

CEO Won-sic Hahn