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"Leading the marine communication with satellite ICT technology" KT SAT held maritime satellite solution workshop


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▶ KT SAT held maritime satellite solution seminar on 21th, Busan, South Korea

▶ Marine Satellite Communication Seminar and various solutions


Korea's only satellite operator, KT SAT ( announced on 21th 

that it held '2017 KT SAT marine satellite solution workshop' in Busan.


KT SAT invited more than 120 people in the Korean marine industry from merchant ship owners to shipbuilders and retailers. During the workshop, KT SAT presented a seminar sharing global marine satellite communications technology trends and a demonstration of its various maritime satellite solutions.


In the seminar, Mr. Sang-Jin Yang, VP of KT SAT sales department, gave a speech on the latest global satellite communication trends and technology roadmaps by sharing domestic and overseas satellite communication technology trend and KT SAT’s long term plan for the market. He emphasized the need for various solutions such as maritime – inflight connectivity and security for the marine ICT environment developing based on satellite network.


After the seminar, KT SAT opened a session to demonstrate its marine satellite solution. KT SAT introduced a variety of services such as Global Container Tracking Solution, in-vessel Wi-Fi management, and Compact Maritime Very Small Aperture Terminal (C-MVSAT). In particular, C-MVSAT drew many participants attention as it is a solution that can provide all-in-one services through a small antenna. The compact, small antenna makes it possible for small offshore vessels (20 ~ 200-ton-class) that could not use marine satellite communication due to antenna size and cost. Throughout the workshop, participants also freely studied marine satellite communication antennas and terminals displayed in the site, and simulate software directly.


Mr. Won-sic Hahn, CEO of KT SAT, said, "It was a great honor to meet with a variety of people responsible for the Korean maritime industry through this workshop. KT SAT will continue to develop satellite solutions for the better Korean marine industry, and improved ship management efficiency and safety management. "KT SAT will be a leading satellite ICT company and build a marine IoT environment through satellites and create a ubiquitous marine environment connected with 5G infrastructure on the ground."