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KT Skylife, the Korean Satellite Broadcaster that Opened the Era of Digital Broadcasting

October 26, 2015

Acceleration of Global DTH Market Development by KT SAT and KT Skylife

In March 2012, ‘Korea Digital Satellite Broadcasting,’ the main body of KT Skylife and the only satellite broadcaster in Korea, launched the first and only historic electronic signal to the sky, which opened the era of digital broadcasting in Korea. KT SAT, a professional satellite service provider with own satellites in Korea, has contributed to stable satellite broadcasting since the establishment of Kumsan Satellite Communication Earth Station in 1970. With the launch of new satellite in late 2016, both companies will actively join forces together to accelerate the development of global DTH market and market invasion based on the capabilities of both companies.


KT Skylife, a leading digital service provider that always gives joy and impression to customers, has provided 100% digital satellite broadcasting that has much more advanced quality than the existing analogue broadcasting of ground wave and cables since the starting of satellite broadcasting in 2002. This became an opportunity to facilitate the change of broadcasting viewing condition from analogue to digital.

After, KT Skylife led the Korean broadcasting industry through continuous innovations such as the first double-way broadcasting in Korea (2002), the first 24-hour HD channel in Korea (2004), the first PVR service (2006), and the first 24-hour 3D broadcasting in the world (2010). In 2014, it developed the ‘all-HD’ system and provided 141 HD channels and HD receivers to all 4.3 million subscribers for free. Also, it released UHD set- top box in May 2015; the UHD set-top box of pay broadcasting service provider is promoting the vitalization of UHD broadcasting market and is taking responsibility for the future of broadcasting.

KT SAT is the hidden contributor of KT Skylife that has the most number of subscribers in Korea. Based on its know-how of operating the satellite communication earth station for 40 years and sound technology, it built a global satellite network and has provided the best service in Korea. KT SAT is the only company with its own independent satellites in Korea, including Korea sat 5, 6, and 8 that cover both Korea and overseas areas to provide customers with high quality satellite transponders.

Especially, KT SAT’s own satellites have satellite transponders with enhanced performances to fit the demand of future broadcasting such as HD and 3D. In addition, its channel transmission center is divided into the main/preparatory bodies for a stable satellite broadcasting service, and is operated and managed 24/7 by satellite technology experts. For Skylife’s 4 million satellite broadcasting subscribers and with the increasing number of HD broadcasting channels, KT SAT is currently providing 12 communication transponders and 6 broadcasting transponders to Korea sat 5 and 6 for satellite broadcasting.

Skylife and KT SAT, which have laid foundation as the leaders of DTH and satellite markets in Korea, are now attempting to enter the global market by building a cooperative system of single KT by using the competencies of KT group. Skylife, which introduced HD multi-channels for the first time to Korea’s broadcasting market, has all capabilities to provide technical consulting and DTH service including UHD multichannel service, products that combine satellite broadcasting and IPTV, and over 150,000 VOD contents.

KT SAT is the only global satellite solution company that has its own satellites in Korea, and it has know-hows for the supply and operation management of stable transponders for satellite broadcasting. By taking the launch of two next satellites in 2016 as an opportunity, it seeks to develop more expanded communication infrastructure and accelerate its advancement into the global market by taking the launch of two next satellites in 2016 as an opportunity.
Through close cooperation, efforts, and capabilities, both Skylife and KT SAT are showing the green light of advancement into the global satellite broadcasting by providing the best service to potential customers of satellite broadcasting in the next satellite regions. They will play a leading role in pioneering the new market through the synergetic use of capabilities in KT group.