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By using dedicated communication network from the satellite, services including data, voice, video conference and others are provided to rural
and overseas areas where implementing a ground network is difficult.

  • Dedicated Satellite Service(MCPC / SCPC)

    A dedicated line service using satellite network that installs antennas and satellite facilities to customer’s business site where private network is needed. Also, a service that provides data, voice, video conference and others by connecting private network between head office-site or site-site. The service is provided to customers(such as government agencies & enterprises, construction companies, power producers, plant operators and others having offices and factories at overseas) who need private network for secured and stable quality.

  • Satellite Internet Service(Broadband)

    An Internet accessing service using satellite network that is similar to dedicated satellite service, provides Internet access connecting the high quality IP network of kt sat to the domestic and overseas sites, which is mostly used in sites with less people or for simple Internet access.

  • Satellite Internet for Enterprise(Broadband)

    Although similar to the satellite Internet service, it is mostly used for low speed data & Internet access service by multiple customers with low price and limited frequency resources.

  • Mobile/Internet Backhaul Service(Backhaul)

    A service that provides the expansion of coverage to enable mobile and Internet services to rural areas by connecting the core network of mobile service providers to remote sites or connecting the backbone of Internet Service Provider to remote sites, using satellite network.

Moreover, backup network for domestic/overseas communication and satellite network for disaster recovery service are provided

  • Service Features
    • High quality network with reasonable price
    • Rapid activation of service meeting customer’s needs
    • Systematic technical supports by professional engineers
    • Large scaled facilities to handle various requests from customers

무궁화7호 이미지

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