Koreasat Unlimited Internet communication to sea and various ship solutions to companies by using satellite that improves welfares of sailors but also provides ship work efficiency and safety

Not only welfares of sailors but also efficiency and safety of sailing are improved by providing unlimited internet communication at seas and various shipping solutions to companies.

  • Mobility - MVSAT : The service provides sailing ships with unlimited use of satellite internet
    • The sole satellite center operated in Korea with 24-hrs of communication monitoring & real-time engineer support
    • Customized installation is provided based on the shipping environment with experiences in installing more than 600 vessels of domestic and overseas
    • Various value-added maritime solutions are provided
      • 1)  Internet phone : Free phone calls between shore to ship with an internet phone (070) without installing a switchboard inside the building. Significantly reduces the calling fees inside the ship.
      • 2)  On board CCTV solution : Monitoring the cargo and the status of crew members on board inside the ship, real-time monitoring on the voyage environment from the ground as well as checking the video of wanted time slot for any accidents.
      • 3)  SeaOne-VNMS : vessel location based solution self-developed by kt sat which provides tracking & automatic location information by collecting the data of vessel’s location, direction, and speed.
      • 4)  SeaOne-APMS : vessel WiFi control solution self-developed by kt sat, which controls the wireless internet environment of vessels by the time & amount of data usage per each crew member.
  • Service Features
    • IP-based real-time operation
    • Unlimited global data service
    • Improved welfare for crew members
    • More than 300 global A/S networks
    • 24/7 customer support & contingency plan
    • Prepaid service with vouchers
    • Cost reduction from additional solutions

koreasat-5a maritime beam photo

  • Global-MVSAT

    Unlimited and uninterrupted maritime satellite internet service to ships sailing around the globe

  • Regional-MVSAT

    Unlimited maritime satellite internet service optimized for ships sailing Far East Asia – Singapore – Mideast

  • Compact-MVSAT

    Both unlimited satellite internet and KT SkyLife service with a single dish, specialized for littoral small ships

  • Portable-MVSAT

    Mobile satellite solution optimized for the test drive ships

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