Maritime Solution

MVSAT 서비스와 결합된 다양한 부가솔루션을 제공하여, 선원의 복지 향상, 선박 관리 효율 증대, 비용절감에 기여합니다.

Various additional solutions combined with our MVSAT service are provided in order to improve the welfare of crew members, increase efficiency of ship management, and reduce cost.

  • Internet Phone : Significant reduction in calling fees & feasible of intercom calls by using internet phone(070)
  • On Board CCTV Solution : real-time monitoring on the screen for ship voyage and the video of wanted time slot for any accidents.
  • SeaOne-VNMS : vessel location based solution self-developed by kt sat which provides data of tracking, weather & automatic location, etc. See More
    • Check past tracksInquiry of previous tracks
    • Display ports of worldDisplay of all ports around the world
    • Electronic navigation chartElectronic navigation chart
    • Weather InformationWeather information
  • SeaOne-APMS : vessel WiFi control solution, which provides sailors with WiFi service within the vessel. Settings for personal account registration by each crew, data usage in time, day, amount by each account, etc. See More
    A simple, easy solution to manage internet use on cruise ships. Terminal authentication, individual usage management and traffic monitoring function are supported
  • SeaOne-Email & Anti-virus : programs and vaccines for maritime e-mail sending/receiving
  • Prepaid Card(voucher) : sailors can personally purchase prepaid cards (Inmarsat, MVSAT) and use satellite phones

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