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KT SAT participated in the ‘International Coastguard Safety & Equipment Show 2015’ in Songdo

Thursday June 18th, 2015

  • KT SAT presented a satellite solution optimized for marine communication through its exhibit hall.

KT SAT (CEO Jaegook Song, www.KT reported that it will run its own exhibit room in the  ‘International Coastguard Safety & Equipment Show 2015’ that is to be held in Songdo Conventia in Incheon from 17th to 19th, co-hosted by the Ministry of Public Safety and Security and City of Incheon. In this event, KT SAT will demonstrate its satellite communication solution and give counseling to customers.

During this exhibition, KT SAT will trial run its ‘HD-level real-time video transfer solution,’ which sends the HD patrol videos describing the accident to the rescue headquarters in real-time through satellite network in an occurrence of a marine accident. The solution is expected to help small patrols carry out rescue activities quickly and contribute to the preventing of accidents on littoral sea, which accounts for 70% of marine accidents. In fact, ‘HD-level real-time video transfer solution’ was applied to small patrols that were equivalent to 100 tons of maritime police for the first time in Korea last year, transferring marine situations to maritime police command in real-time.

A ‘vessel video conference solution’ that enables HD-level video conferences between the land and ships will also be displayed. Sangjin Ahn, the head of KT SAT’s broadcast service team, said that “We will broaden fields where our vessel video conference solution can be applied so that it can be used in various areas including telemedicine and video education. This solution will ultimately help improve the quality of crew’s life.” Also, KT SAT will present its ‘mobile video transfer solution’ that is used in all kinds of military operations and rescue operations on the sea. With this solution, agents that are deployed in various operations will wear small equipment and send videos and have voice calls with the operation headquarters in real-time through the satellite communication network.

Moreover, visitors can also experience ‘fisheries video monitoring solution,’ which can monitor the fishing activities of deep-sea vessels on video and check the size, volume, and weight of fishing species in real-time. KT SAT will also display satellite LTE service such as a ‘pre-paid phone card for ships’ that allows crew to freely have voice and video phone calls with the land through satellite network, to enhance the welfare of crew on deep-sea vessels.

KT SAT’s CEO Jaegook Song said that “We can guarantee the safety and welfare of Koreans on sea through KT SAT’s satellite maritime solution. We will contribute to the improvement of national image through a satellite solution optimized for maritime communication.”

Mayor of Incheon Jeongbok Yoo and other VIP visitors are taking a look at ‘HD-level real-time video transfer solution’ in KT SAT’s exhibit room.

‘HD-level real-time video transfer solution’ is expected to contribute to the preventing of accidents on littoral sea, which accounts for 70% of marine accidents, by sending HD patrol videos of accident situations to the rescue headquarters in real-time through satellite network.