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KT SAT presents its total satellite solution in KOMARINE, an international marine, and shipbuilding exhibition

Thursday October 31st, 2013

  • KT SAT participated in ‘KOMARINE 2013,’ the world’s 4th largest marine exhibition
  • It displayed high quality marine satellite communication services such as smartship solution


KT SAT (CEO Ilyoung Kim) said it will participate in ‘KOMARINE 2013,’ the world’s 4th largest marine exhibition to be held by Korea Shipbuilding Association in Busan BEXCO for 4 days from 22nd to 24th.

KT SAT will set up its exhibition stand in the first floor of BEXCO exhibition hall and present ▲ SeaOne, an email solution for ships, ▲smartship solution that can control fleet network through satellite network, ▲Citadel product that can respond to crisis such as pirates, and ▲Inmarsat FB service.

KOMARINE, which has been held every other year since 1978, is a worldwide marine exhibition hosting participants from 40 countries in the world including Norway, Netherlands, U.S., and Singapore. Its area has been expanding to include eco-friendly ECO-ships. This year’s ‘KOMARINE 2013’ exhibition will have 1,000 companies around the world to showcase their excellent products and over 50,000 visitors at least.

Especially, during the opening ceremony of 22nd, KT SAT’s CEO Ilyoung Kim (also the head of KT Group Corporate Center) as well as 48 industry insiders of shipping business and government officials of the navy attended the event to congratulate the exhibition.

Meanwhile, KT SAT will hold a seminar on ‘Smart & Green Ship Solution using Satellite Communication Network’ and will deliver a presentation on the evolution of satellite communication network through the realization of smartship solution to major customers on 23rd.

In addition to the exhibition and seminar, KT SAT will actively carry out its marketing activities by providing counselling to customers who want to try out the service during the event. It will embark on both domestic and overseas market development.

KT SAT’s CEO Ilyoung Kim said “Through this exhibition we will expand our customer-contact point in the communication field and become a global satellite communication provider.”

[Reference #1: Introduction of KT SAT’s items to be displayed]

  1. Satellite Service (Inmarsat) Device
    • FB (Fleet Broadband): model 150, 250
      • Marine satellite communication device for voice and data communication (classified by size and capacity); marine mobile service enabling the use of voice and data at the same time
    • MVSAT
      • Maritime Very Small Aperture Terminal (subminiature satellite earth station) – international maritime satellite communication for ships
      • Used for marine vessels (passenger ships, freight vessels, oil tankers, gas carriers), marine research vessels, and icebreakers, and enables economical communication with a flat rate unlimited service.
    • M2M: land fixed type (BGAN M2M_HNS9502), marine fixed type(IsatData Pro_IDP690):
      • Stands for Machine To Machine and is called IoT communication. Delivers location or environment information through satellite from weather forecast centers or ships.
  2. Smartship Solution
    • Next generation technology that enables the information of major marine engines and controllers to be diagnosed and controlled in real-time from land through satellite; evaluated as the product of shipbuilding industry and creative economy. Smartship solution suggests the best sea route to the destination by considering various conditions such as weather, wave, fuel efficiency, and discharge gas. It enables economical and eco-friendly voyage.
    • Explosion-proof AP (AWK-6222)
      • Wireless Access Point made in preparation for explosion risks (places of use: turpentine facilities, power plants, blast furnaces, and engine rooms)
    • IP-PBX (ACK-4416) and other equipment (phones, laptops):
      • A system that controls voice and data using internet (VoIP switchboard)
    • Program (smartphone interwork, video conference):
    • Ship mail program (SeaOne):
      • A program developed to send and receive emails between ships and land
      • Email, file transfer, and e-navigation functions for safe voyage and efficient marine affairs work
  3. Satellite Solution
    • BGAN (Explorer 700):
      • Stands for Broadband Global Area Network; a broadband high-speed upward line communication network using satellite
      • Land and vehicle mobile service enabling voice and data to be used at the same time
    • Emergency communication phone (CITADEL):
      • Satellite communication that can be used for emergencies besides the existing satellite communication network in response to dangerous situations such as pirate attacks.
    • GSPS (IsatPhone Pro)
      • A global satellite cell phone service that enables communication anywhere in the world as long as there is satellite.
    • PTT (Push To Talk)
      • A satellite radio enabling satellite communication of customers’ radios through BGAN equipment,