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KT SAT targets the fast growing Asia-Pacific market with high-powered new satellites

Monday June 1st, 2015

> KT SAT participated in CommunicAsia 2015@Singapore, the largest broadcast and communication fair in Asia-Pacific, and promoted the global coverage through the launch of KOREASAT 5A and 7 coming 2016 and 2017.
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11_press_아시아 위성 시장 정조준 2

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> Will focus on pre-marketing of next satellite through its unique and customer-oriented booth
By taking the launch of two next satellites in 2016, KT SAT will be introducing its expanding satellite services such as global coverage and satellite broadcast and satellite mobile phones. KT SAT will also be presenting its satellite operation knowhow that it has accumulated since the opening of Kumsan Satellite Center in 1970. Visitors will be able to see information on satellite coverage and provided services through the touch screen at KT SAT’s exhibition section. Especially, KT SAT will give an effect of a meteor falling on the sharp upper structure of its exhibit room, to express its determination as a ‘global rookie.’ It also formed the front of the booth as an open type to encourage customers to visit comfortably, and will focus on promoting the coverage of next satellite that is to be launched in 2016 as well as marketing activities before satellite launch.

> Will open an event that invites customers in each region to find overseas marketing and business opportunities
In addition, KT SAT will host another event that invites businesses in each of target regions such as Southeast Asia, where the demand for satellite communication is increasing, to develop overseas marketing base and find business opportunities abroad. KT SAT will hold Philippines Day on 2nd and Indonesia Day on 3rd. In each event KT SAT’s CEO Jaegook Song will introduce the excellence of its satellite resources, which have satellite orbits in 113° and 116° for easy service provision in the region, and propose future visions.

> Will discover about 1,000 potential customers
KT SAT reported that about 1,000 visitors will come to the exhibit hall. It is expected that KT SAT will discover potential customers in each target region. Since last year, KT SAT has been focusing on local marketing by participating in overseas exhibitions to expand its sales channel. It hosted about 700 visitors for 3 days in CABSAT (International Satellite and Optical Communication Fair) held in Dubai in 2015. Besides the exhibition, KT SAT is embarking on its global market expansion by opening sales offices in Indonesia and Dubai and hiring local employees, and by sending ‘sales pioneers’ to cultivate experts of each region. As a result, with the number of its overseas customers that increased from 8 companies in 6 countries in 2012 to 24 companies in 13 countries as of 2015, KT SAT is solidifying its position as a global business.

KT SAT’s CEO Jaegook Song said that “We will accelerate our advancement into the global market by expanding sales channel through participating in overseas exhibitions, hiring local employees abroad, and through building more communication infrastructure with the launch of new satellite in 2016.”