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BGAN enables standard IP data communication up to 432Kbps from small, lightweight satellite terminals. Inmarsat BGAN provides both voice and broadband data simultaneously. Customers can send and receive video, audio, VoIP, and data files using BGAN terminals. BGAN also offers performance options to suit different operational needs.

Service type

Service Features

  • A single BGAN terminal provides simultaneous voice and broadband data at a maximum speed of 492Kbps.
  • BGAN provides global coverage, with the exception of extreme polar regionsStandard IP: Charges fee for the amount of data used (byte) (maximum of ~432Kbps)
  • Streaming IP:  Charges fee for the time used, guarantees QoS (32/64/128/176/256/+384Kbps)

KT SAT BGAN rental service – device rental fee:  10,000 KRW/1 day

  • Inquiries: KT SAT maritime service team (+82-51-463-0642)

Device Type

 bgan_terminal01 bgan_terminal02

Network Structure