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Broadband Services

KT SAT offers a dedicated satellite network service which are suitable for Broadcast Data, Video Conference, High data transfer, or as backup for Mobile Backhaul, including point-to-point links. KT SAT enables our customers to deliver customized broadband access no matter where their operations reside

KT SAT provides global, dedicated broadband services using TDMA to meet a wide range of user demands for satellite capacity.


  • As a global leader in fully managed communications solutions, KT SAT understands what we do has an impact on the world around us. Whether supporting defense & intelligence missions, border security operations, emergency response efforts, or disaster relief scenarios, we know that what we do matters at the critical moment.
  • Defense, Federal or Civil, Intelligence, Government Communications


  • Oil & Gas drilling contractors, operators and service companies demand communications and IT services that meet their specific operational requirements. Contractors need comprehensive, reliable solutions that scale to support their growing number of rigs, remote offices and shore bases. These remote assets are often positioned across multiple regions at any given time, but they all require a reliable, consistent service level to optimize workflows and improve efficiency.
  • Offshore Project, Land Project, Plant & Construct operators


  • Dedicated Broadband service
    • Point-to-Point Network by SCPC Government / Military / Oil & Gas Broadcast Data, Video Conference, High Data Transfer, and Mobile Backhaul
  • TDMA Broadband Service
    • Broadband Data Service for enterprise by TDMA, iDirect Hub system Web Access, Email, IP Data Backup, and SOHO networks
  • Optional Value Added Service
    • VPN(Virtual Private Network) support and WAN(Wide Area Network)
    • Video teleconference solutions between HQ and remote sites
    • Set-top box for satellite Korean TV channels
    • Installation & Consulting services for Security, Voice, Data solutions