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Fleet Broadband

High-speed IP Data Service for Ships

Inmarsat provides high-tech broadband IP(Internet Protocol) data service with I-4 series.
FleetBroadband allows customers to use both voice and data at the same time through a compact antenna on a global basis.

Service Type


 Service Features

  • Voice calls and value-added services (Voicemail, MultiParty call for up to 5 people, incoming call, call waiting)
  • Data communication of 2.4Kbps (satellite mode)/9.6Kbps(GSM mode)
  • Can use pre-paid phone cards
  • Cost efficiency as users pay data fee for the amount of bytes used
  • Can choose the type of data service (Standard IP, Streaming IP, 64K ISDN)
  • Provides 505 emergency rescue service (505#, Sea-rescue center)

Device Type and Manufacturer


Hardware Definition
FB 500
FB 250
FB 150
Antenna Diameter ~ 55cm ~ 27cm 25cm
Antenna G/T (at 5° elvn) -7 dB/K -15 dB/K -15dB/K
Antenna EIRP 22 dBW 15.1 dBW 15.1dBW
Antenna Type Directional/Stabilised Directional/Stabilised Directional/Stabilised
Antenna target Weight 15 – 20 Kg 3 – 5Kg TBC
Voice 4kbps 4kbps 4kbps
Standard IP Up/Downlink Up to 432 / 432 Up to 239 / 284 Up to 150 / 150
ISDN Data Yes No ; 3.1Khz audio only No
Streaming IP Guaranteed Throughput 3 32, 64, 128, 256Kbps 32, 64, 128Kbps No
Interfaces / Ports RJ11, RJ45, ISDN-RJ45, L-band TBC
H/W Vendor Thrane & Thrane, JRC T&T, Addvalue