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SeaOne Solution

SeaOne reaches far beyond a simple email service for ships. KT SAT continuously expands this service offering, providing an evolving lineup of value-added marine service such as a ship location/tracking service and an IP security service.


  • Designed to deliver value by solving your communication problems Best-in-class data compression, bandwidth optimized chat service
  • Customer Safety Security Service Provides easily configured shipboard firewall, antivirus protection, traffic, and fee management tool
  • System Management Functions Usage reports, customized management functions, and policy management by captain and director
  • Excellent Crew Welfare Features Private email support, pre-paid email, email forwarding service when leaving a ship
  • Additional Value-Added Service Ship location tracking service, mobile and smartphone support, ship management application

SeaOne Solutions

SeaOne Shipmail SeaOne Webmail
Designed for use over satellite, SeaOne Shipmail guarantees the highest compression rate and transfer speed available today. It increases work efficiency with its reliable security and robust satellite link, and offers various convenient functions such as low bandwidth messaging, pre-paid cards, and email forwarding when leaving the ship. Everyone wants a single email address. SeaOne Webmail enables shipboard personnel to experience the benefits of data compression while onboard while taking their at sea email address with them when they are on land as well. By accessing a simple web-based email application, users can enjoy various management functions such as registration of ships or crewmembers, and checking communication usage as well as accessing the fleet’s mini groupware.
SeaOne Tracking SeaOne Net
A ship location tracking service that leverages all available communications methods, including Inmarsat C, IsaTM2M, FleetBroadband, CDMA, and SkyWave. SeaOne Tracking collects location data in real-time and provides port distance information to those who need it. Users can monitor progress and ascertain the location of their assets via a convenient mobile application any time, anywhere. Optimizes the web browsing experience via satellite. SeaOne Net supports image compression as a basic function and provides all kinds of content blocking functions to ensure you get the important content you need without the bandwidth consuming extras such as unnecessary images and advertisements.
SeaOne Antivirus SeaOne Protect
An antivirus program (partnered with Sophos) that can update on a daily basis with the SeaOne platform’s industry leading compression rate. It is a necessary safety service needed for Inmarsat Fleet Broadband as well as satellite IP communication. A firewall security program that is needed for IP communication on ships. It prevents excessive fee charge by controlling unnecessary traffic on ships and can monitor the amount of traffic generated in real-time.
SeaOne Admin SeaOne CrewCard
An admin function for ship managers to set email policy by ship /fleet, manage email accounts, and monitor usage status in real-time. CrewVoice and CrewConnect pre-paid cards are for voice and data, respectively. Card fees can be charged to accounts for easy refilling and transfer. Enable crew to stay in contact with family, friends, and loved ones without waiting.