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Teleport Services

A large variety of services have been implemented at Kumsan Teleport by dedicated technical experts and service staffs.


  • 15.3 acre antenna farm with over 35 antennas
  • Operational Arc View from 58E to 180E
  • Triple redundant systems
    Utility Power + 2 Generators (1500KW) + 3 UPS(1500KW) and 117RT of HVAC
  • Triple electrical fence and surveillance system with security guards on duty 24/7


  • Hosting DTH, Video, VSAT, Hub systems, and TT&C
  • Teleport services Up/Downlink, Colocation, Internet, and Ground operations
  • 24/7 operation facility and highly experienced staff support


  • Terrestrially connected by Fiber Optic Ring Topology and Submarine cables
  • Connected to KT Internet Backbone directly with redundant systems of transmission lines

Features Capabilities
C-band Tx/Rx IS906@64E, 27.4m
IS904@60E, 21m
IS-19@166E, 4.6m
AS-5 @100.5E, 13.5m
IS-20@68.5E, 9m
Apstar7@76.5E, 13m
IS18@180E, 13m
AS3@105.5E, 7.2m
Measat3@91.5E,  6.3m
Koreasat8@75E, 13m
AS5@100.5E,  2.4m
Ku-band Tx/Rx Koreasat5@113E, 6.4m
Koreasat6@116E, 6.4m
IS-19@166E, 6m
NSS6@95E, 9m