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kt sat’s New Path for Growth, North Korean Ambitions


파일 공유 버튼 페이스북 공유하기 인스타그램 공유 버튼




KT Corporation, a South Korean telecommunications company, is planning for its satellite business operator to gear up efforts to bring the next technology revolution to outer space as well as the Korean peninsula. KT Sat aims to become the seventh-largest satellite operator in the world by 2025, up from its current 18th rank. To achieve this, it will focus on using latest 5G mobile technologies in outer space, applying quantum cryptography to satellite communication, and providing a blockchain service for secure data sharing.


As North and South Korea currently move toward peace, KT Sat expects to launch its satellite service in North Korea, a potential market for communications and broadcasting networks. KT Corporation has created a special task force to support inter-Korean cooperation and expand exchanges in ICT following April’s landmark summit between North and South Korea.


KT Sat is working on providing parent KT’s 5G mobile service via satellite to remote areas where internet access is not available, removing barriers between onshore, maritime and space telecommunications. It is also pushing for commercializing quantum cryptography with its satellites by joining KT Group’s drive to participate in the national project of research and development on the latest secure method of transferring data.


To improve customer convenience, KT SAT is seeking to use blockchain technology for maritime satellite services, such as getting real-time information on the use of data, service charges and settlements.