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"Autumn picnic at satellite center" KT SAT NoSarang Volunteer Corps, Presents satellite center picnic program for children in Geumsan


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▶ KT SAT NoSarang Volunteer Corps presents picnic program for children with Geumsan county

▶ Renovation of regional children's center was also held together 


The only satellite operator in Korea, KT SAT (CEO Mr. Won-sic, Hahn, announced that KT SAT NoSarang Volunteer Corps and Geumsan County held 「Autumn Picnic at Satellite Center for children in Geumsan, hosted by KT SAT」 together on 19th. The program was to provide space technology education and alleviate cultural alienation for the socially disadvantaged. KT SAT NoSarang Volunteer Corps, which is jointly organized by KT SAT (CEO Mr. Won-sic Hahn) and KT SAT union (union leader Mr. Kyung-chun Park), is a volunteer service organization that conducts corporate social responsibility programs, funded by its employees. On 19th, around 150 children from Geumsan county had a tour of Geumsan Satellite Center. The children started their tour by observing satellite antennas, and the broadcasting and the marine communication service system using them, guided by highly-trained satellite network experts. After the tour, the children watched various ICT contents, such as simulation of space exploration through VR devices. The 'autumn picnic' was finished with watching movie on outdoor screen under the satellite antenna of the center.


On the picnic day, members of the Geumsan local government also participated: Mr. Sanghun Lee, Chairman of the council, Mr. Guidong Kim, head of the Welfare department, Mr. Kyusung-Gwak, Chairperson of Geumsan Children’s Welfare Organization. The program was co-conducted by KT Group Hope Sharing Foundation.

Meanwhile, Renovation of regional children's center, located near Geumsan Satellite Center was also held ahead of the picnic. KT SAT has been donated goods and manpower to the center since 2013.


KT SAT CEO, Mr Won-sic Hahn said, "Through the volunteer service, I hope that children in the Geumsan county will become closer to satellite and space technology." and “KT SAT will grow with the local where it operates.”